Use the tools you got + develop em

What go to tools you got going on that work in your life.

Here is a couple I pull on regularly...

  • Woop – stands for wish, outcome, obstacle and plan

  • 5-1 rule – think of a next action and countdown from 5-1 and move.

  • Appreciation – a write at least one unique experience daily I appreciate

  • Breathing – deep breaths throughout the day

  • What’s good now? Pose this question at least once a day.

  • Thank you game – each take a turn to list a few thank you life moments, past and present

  • Affirmation game – encouraging statetemenrs about you.

And the list goes on.

Create your own list then determine when you’d like to use em.

Eg… thank you game…always with our kids before bed.

What’s good now…always as part of morning shower

It’s easy to start pairing existing routines you got with tools that help you to rock your potential.

Not sure what those are yet?

Define, discover and develop them.

With Arete


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