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Are you larger than life?

That is, so strong that you know how to handle the erks and challenges that come along?

Check this out.

“I got to thinking that people are like sailing craft, and you can compare life itself to an ocean. Now, think of the people you know—and think of yourself—as vessels. The smallest would be a little skiff that bounces and bobs even in calm weather over the smallest waves. It isn’t safe to go to sea in a boat that small; it will be swamped by the first large wave that comes along.

From the smallest vessel, let’s go now to the largest ocean liner. It doesn’t even feel the small waves in the harbor. Not until it reaches the great swells of the open sea does it begin to compensate for roll and pitch. And even the worst storms find it equal to the task. It might arrive in port a day or two late, but it will get there safely, with its passengers and cargo.

What kind of vessel are you? Are you the big liner that sails serene and confident far out into the deep, open sea—that pays no attention to the small, or even medium-sized, waves that break and disintegrate against its tall sides? Or are you the small rowboat that bobs and rocks in the slightest breeze?” (Nightingale)

What you wanna be? A little dinky sail boat or a cruise liner that handles the waves?

What will it take to grow?



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