As you read this how is your posture?

Upright or hunched over?

Check yourself and check this…

“Despite being the same person, Superman and Clark Kent adopt very distinct postures. One’s posture is much like that of a guy spending way too much time in front of a computer (or in Clark’s case, a typewriter): shoulders rounded, neck jutting forward. Along with the thick horned-rim glasses and the stutter, this posture portrays a man lacking in confidence. When changing to Superman, Clark removes his glasses, puffs up his chest, and narrows his gaze. ... Now let’s talk about your posture. You vacillate between hunched over the wheel or cell phone and a stiff ‘social’ pose. You know your posture is bad but probably have shied away from addressing it because you don’t know where to start. Maybe if you ignore it, you hope, it will fix itself right away, right? Wrong. The bad news is that poor posture is not only affecting your skeleton, it’s also impacting the most important thing you do: your breathing.” (Belisa)

When’s a good time to sit or stand straight?

How bout now?



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