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One afternoon I popped by to another higher education institution to connect with a colleague during lunch.

He was just wrapping up a training with student leaders who were in the midst of reflection.

He came out of the venue to greet me and told me to sit in on the student leaders exit reflections.

I’m glad I did.

As I sat down one of the student leaders was reflecting, leaned forward and looked at the facilitator and his peers and said with arms open:

“There is a beast inside of me."

What he was expressing was the feeling of immense potential and he recognized it.

There was a glint in his eyes and a knowing smile as he said this.

His peers nodded in recognition not just at seeing it in him and hearing it from him but recognizing it in themselves.

Here is the full wrap up of what he said.

“There is a beast inside of me and I’m going to unleash it."

I’m smiling as I write this because I can picture him saying it.

How about you?

Can you see it?

“There is a beast inside of you and you are going to unleash it."

Unleash it. Unleash it now.



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