Unique Signatures

In the field of positive psychology there is a theory that holds regarding an area of research called ‘signature strengths’.

Signature strengths are the unique constellation of strengths we each have, which when more deliberately expressed can contribute to greater enhancement in different areas of our life.

If your looking for a nice way to check out your pattern of strengths there is a cool link worth checking out...

You’ll find a link there to complete a free 10 - minute survey to give you some feedback on your strengths according to this particular model.

I’m not big on prescribing as more encouraging you to explore, critique and see what works in true define, discover and develop style.

At the first African Positive Psychology Conference in 2018 there was a very nice take on the signature strengths approach. The speaker angled that different cultures, countries and languages will have their own understandings and appraisals of ‘strengths’. He went in to offer a very exciting expansive approach of how that could look.

Take this tool as with all tools and ideas with a pinch of in, apply your mind.

I’ll leave you with this from the VIA (Values in Action) website:

“Every individual possesses all 24 character strengths in different degrees, giving each person a unique character profile”.

Increase your discovery, increase your POTENTIAL.



p.s. One of many tools out there to explore…and perhaps one of many tools you may refine, overhaul or make into something better.

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