Unique Questions = Unique Possibilities

Often when we follow a path of learning, questions are posed to us.

But what if we outweighed the ratio of questions posed to us by others with the questions we rather posed to ourselves?

What kinds of creative possibilities could this open up?

One morning I headed into town and sauntered into a beautiful hotel tea room.

I sat down and opened a journal and proceeded to ask myself 100 unique, inspiring, inquisitive, clarity seeking questions related to my own context at the time.

They included questions like ‘what is my greatest focus right now?’ and ‘how can I be more productive?’ There were also smaller questions related to my current realities at the time.

I got this awesome 100 questions exercise from Gelb’s work shared via Brian Johnson…

Here’s what Gelb says:

“Great minds ask great questions. The questions that ‘engage our thought’ on a daily basis reflect our life purpose and influence the quality of our lives.”

Why not give this exercise a crack?

In a nutshell, here is how the process works.

Write up a list of 100 unique and interesting questions that speak to you.

Then take the time to answer each one.

You’ll be amazed at this process.



p.s. amazing to reflect back and see how the answers written to many of the questions were actualized over time.

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