Transfer your Potential

Got any favourite 'subjects' you love studying?

That's a bit of a misleader.

Let's be more specific. Got any areas of learning, discovery, mastery outside of the classroom that you could rift on and discuss and share all day everyday?

Could be sport, games, movies, friends etc.

Think about it. What's an area that you love to immerse yourself in such that no one really needs to encourage you to do it.?

Answering this is important because it could give you clues to your Potential.

Reflect further. What is it about this area that you enjoy and that you find fascinating?

Is it possible to fuse the interest and way you learn in that area of great interest with the way you could enhance learning in another?

E.g. I love reading and I love writing.

There are particular subjects I love to read and love to write on.

One of the ingredients that takes me into the depths is total immersion and concentration.

When I'm doing these things I go all in.

That approach of 'total immersion' is transferable to other areas.

Think of the architecture of your own areas of deep interest.

Could you pull and transfer an approach you use there to another area?

With Arete


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