Training Resistance = Persistence

On the morning of writing this I’m just fresh out the box from a weight training session.

The after effect?

Resistance overcome which created increased persistence.

When I woke up early this morning it was not a jack in the box ‘situation’ at first.

Despite that I knew full well that the temporary state would change as I moved and exercised, so I cracked on.

With headphones in play + a march onto the gym floor, once started it was game on.

I could have made a problem outta if it this morning and come up with a whole host of ‘excuses.’

We all could.

Yet doing that would not be resistance training but instead, resistance paining (of our own doing).

The point here is not so much commitment to the gym but commitment to ‘you’ as the owner of potential.

“Owners see problems as bodybuilders see weight: more resistance to build a life with. It’s

resistance training, and it feels good. Victims, on the other hand, don’t want to lift that weight. They look at weights with horror, and they look at problems as betrayals. The sad tragedy is that the same energy that could be going into problem-solving is used by the victim for problem-avoidance. It takes an ongoing mental effort to push problems out of the mind. It is real work to constantly redirect the spotlight of consciousness away from life so that it shines only on distractions. ‘We either make ourselves miserable,’ said the Brazilian sage Carlos Castaneda, ‘or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.’”


Whether actual, metaphorical, or both.

Lift them weights.

Resistance overcome = increased persistence.



p.s. what ‘weights’ could you lift to get stronger + why?

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