Train more

Ever attended a training of any sorts?

Attending a personal development workshop or training will by itself not be enough to make waves.


Cos the change will come after in daily micro and macro commitments towards long term goals, grit style.

You gotta train.

Check this…

“People want to walk over coals, break boards, scream primally, and have their entire lives change because they wrote down a ‘vision statement’ on a piece of paper at a weekend seminar. But that’s not how things really work.”

~ Jeff Olson

Leave the coals, check the vision, sure and then get back to work…daily.

There is no workshop on the planet that alone will take you where you wanna go.

Only you can do that through thick n thin.

When the chips are down…it’s up to you to keep going.

Train it.

With Arete,


P.s you are far stronger than you think you are. Train it more.

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