Towards Mastery

Let’s talk about Mastery.

To help us with this here some nice pointers from Robert Greene, author of the book Mastery.

Greene puts forward that you have a uniqueness that no one else has. By virtue of your uniqueness you have potential that is constantly seeking expression, growth and transformation. Your number one priority is to find ways to express your uniqueness and by doing so you give yourself a greater shot of tapping into and expressing your potential.

However, there are threats to the expression of your potential.


Yep. Greene says doubt re your potential creeps in big time when you follow ‘too’ much and try and conform. Seeking to fit in and avoid the embarrassment or pain of being different + being unique is a powerful social force…and yet one to absolutely be mindful of and not to succumb to indefinitely.

Defining, discovering and developing your potential (an ongoing message we hold on this site and in the workbooks) is from Green’s perspective your ‘Life’s Task’.

“The process of following your Life’s Task all the way to mastery can essentially begin at any point in life”. (Greene)

Don’t matter what age you are, where you are, who you are or what’s going on.

There is still scope, space and opportunity always for you to increase the expression of your uniqueness and follow it all way to mastery.

Let’s repeat that.

Your potential… ‘follow it all the way to mastery’.



p.s. this is where ‘following’ applies – towards your own mastery that is.

p.p.s who can you connect with more and share the journey with + how can you expand the number of connections you have to people that are on their own unique and deliberate path towards potential and want to see you on it too, through thick and thin?

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