Touching excellence

How good is your focus?

Have a read of this...

”In every discipline, the ability to be clearheaded, present, cool under fire is much of what

separates the best from the mediocre. ... While more subtle, this issue is perhaps even more

critical in solitary pursuits such as writing, painting, scholarly thinking, or learning. In the

absence of continual external reinforcement, we must be our own monitor, and quality of

presence is often the best gauge. We cannot expect to touch excellence if ‘going through the motions’ is the norm of our lives. On the other hand, if deep, fluid presence becomes second nature, then life, art, and learning take on a richness that will continually surprise and delight. “ Waitzkin

What‘s it gonna take for you to get here?

You willing to Grit?

with Arete,


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