A couple of months ago I bought a shiny new tool kick.

It sits in the garage and comes in very handy for the specific things that I need to use it for.

I’ve not used in half the tools yet in there and as the need arises the tool(s) needed will be used.

This analogy we can apply to the development of our potential.

There are tools in the tool box we can leverage when we need to and wish to.

But its important to understand towards what?

Tools are for the discovery and development of your potential...which you get to define.

In the book ‘The tools’ here is how its put by Phil Stutz…

“The consumer expects a reward for the slightest effort—or better, for no effort at all. He cares only about what he gets from the world, not about what he might add to it....The creator won’t accept that fate. Everything he does is with the intention of making an impact on the world. His code ensures this: He doesn’t accept the world as he finds it; he brings things into the world that aren’t already there. He doesn’t follow the herd; he sets his own course. He ignores the reactions of others. He resists superficial distractions. He remains focused on his goals even if he has to sacrifice his immediate gratification...”

Define, Discover, and Develop your own 'tools'.



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