Throwing in the towel

Imagine you are in a locker room before a ‘big game’.

Now check this…

“What would you think of a professional athlete who said to a reporter in the locker room that he had made a decision not to train anymore, to stop all practice, and to cut out any advance preparation—but he still was sure he’d perform like a superstar on the playing field?”

‘I’d think he was a little crazy,’ I replied candidly.

‘Right,’ said Jet nodding his head. ‘Makes no sense, does it? Yet, Blake, before we go to work with the hope of delivering our best games, how many of us on the playing field of business make the time to train, practice, and prepare?” (Sharma)

How about you? Are you going to declare deliberate practice or throw in the towel now?



p.s. you need that towel to wipe the ‘sweat’ in your own deliberate practice sessions so you can sweat more!

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