Think thoughts that help you

One morning and so as to spend some extra time with our young children who were on hols, I was rocking a home workout. I had a soundtrack playing with some pretty heavy weight inspirational words playing.

I turned to them in between sets and said… “right now, this is one of my fav songs cos of what it’s saying.”

Here’s the best way of conveying the essence of that song…and one of many thousands out there.

“If a thought serves you, you keep it. If it doesn’t serve you, you reject it. If you think, “I’m spending the next two hours making meaning,” you keep it. If you follow that thought with, “But maybe I’m on the wrong track and maybe I’ve made a mess of my life,” you reject it instantly, without muss or fuss. You say, “Wow, that follow-up thought was a whopper! The heck with it.” It is completely on your shoulders to accept or reject your thoughts. Who else is in a position to do that for you?”

Whether a song or thought does it serve you a dose of inspiration or a whopper?

What are some resourceful thoughts that support your well – being and potential right now?

What are some ‘whoppers’?! As in thoughts that do nothing for how you feel nor your potential?



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