Think of something

Here’s a very nice take away practical exercise you can put to work on your potential.

Check this from Professor Dweck…

“Think of something you need to do, something you want to learn, or a problem you have to confront. What is it? Now make a concrete plan. When will you follow through on your plan? Where will you do it? How will you do it? Think about it in vivid detail.

These concrete plans—plans you can visualize—about when, where, and how you are going to do something lead to really high levels of follow-through, which, of course, ups the chances of success. So the idea is not only to make a growth-minded plan, but also to visualize, in a concrete way, how you’re going to carry it out.”

Let’s recap…cos its worth it.

- Think of something you want to do, learn or solve.

- Choose one.

- Decide when you will start taking a step towards it.

- Decide where this will happen.

- Decide on how you will do it (map out smaller steps).

- Picture yourself working on these steps.



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