Thick n thin

Wouldn’t it be nice if through thick and thin, positive and negative feedback, expected and unexpected results, you kept enough emotional equilibrium and energy in play for the ‘next shot’ at your potential?

Check this out from Lardon, author of ‘Finding your Zone’…

“Great competitors learn to identify what variables are integral to their performance and which ones are within their power to influence. It is the discipline of differentiating controllable and non-controllable variables that allows you to expand your energy most efficiently and productively.”

So as a starting point strengthen your thinking around defining, discovering and developing the controllable variables that contribute towards your productivity.

Then make a decision to seek ways to strengthen your ability to keep taking ‘shots’ at your potential through thick n thin.

Do that enough times and you’ll start to habituate a deeper more unconditional way to come at your potential in ways that rely less on the current feelings, feedback or thoughts that seemingly hold you back.

Don't hold back and don't let anything in the long run hold you back either.



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