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The Woop Artists

Imagine student leaders who had the ability to 'off the bat' and in one minute or less pitch their vision of what they wanted to achieve for the year in front of a group.

No need to imagine. It is possible and through first hand experience saw this happen.

Part of the process in a nutshell was this...

Each student leader took the time to engage and reflect on:

- What really inspires them

- What strengths they have

- What their community needs

- What their community values

After some 1-1 and group sharing and with the principle (amongst many) of Ikigai in mind they each rifted and gave it for a minute with crystal clear clarity.

Wait...lets back up there. What does Ikigai mean? Literal translation of a Japanese word which means...

"The reason for waking up in the morning".

They went deep but it did not stop there.

They really leaned into their possibilities in a way that can be expressed by Swift as:

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."

After that...they wooped!

They took their vision and were left to consider how with each day and with their leadership vision in mind (greatest most inspiring goal for the year) they could consider the Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan(s) (to overcome the obstacles).

One of the student leaders called it by asking the group to challenge themselves to consider doing one woop per day.

Oettingen (founder of the woop process - shared that she does exactly the same thing (one woop per day).

Whether you are a leader or not consider...

- What really inspires you?

- What strengths do you already possess?

- What does the world need and value?

With Arete,


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