The tools you use

I often get asked how is it possible to be rocking it on so many different fronts?

It’s an interesting question and admittedly because I’m more focused on the process I rarely think if it from an outside in perspective.

In a recent conversation with a working Mum who is also doing her phd she asked me this question.

My response was:

“How have you coped and balanced with something in the past that became an accomplishment”?

A follow up question to this was…

“What ‘tools did you use?”

While it might have been useful to blag on about what I did, it was far more effective to throw the question back in her court – cos ultimately she knew uintuitiively what to do.

Sure the examples may have been useful and sometimes they are. More often than not though the answers to the questions we seek….

We already have.

Think of a time prior when you conquered a difficulty on the way to a goal.

What ‘tool’ did you use?



P.s. once you’ve used a tool once you’ll know how to use it again.

P.p.s – tools? Anything that helps you move constructively towards your potential.

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