The 'Thank You Game'

Some very interesting research has been done on gratitude and well-being in a wide variety of domains.

Professor Emmons is considered a leading psychologist in this area.

There are two qualities he describes that relate to gratitude.

Breadth and depth.

A few years back I created an appreciation workbook for students based on his work.

A few years later and with little people in the house that practice is as much important for them as it is for students.

We have a little evolving ritual we do with the kids every evening called ‘The Thank You game.’ Before sleeping and while everyone is huddled to go to sleep this is how it works.

Each person takes a turn to say thank you for at least one thing.

We ask the kids ‘who wants to go first’ and they all go for it. Our three-year-old son dives right in and goes full force on the thank you game listing as many things, people and words as he can! (Breadth).

Our daughter who is 6 years old takes it with depth, describing an area with appreciative detail and appreciative description.

Sometimes they are distracted so we just get them to share one (to keep the habit going).

There are a ton of ways to do this.

Play around with it, check out the different ways its been done and see if any land for you.



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