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The TESST method

How good is your time management? You on point? You know what to do with the increased info coming your way? How to process and manage it?

If yes to all… chill!

If still discovering + developing…great stuff…me too…read on.

‘Time management is a 20th century term that has far outlived its usefulness’ (Thomas).

So, if it’s not just about managing time than what is it also about?

Thomas argues beyond the concept of time management and provides a reiteration of ways to approach and categorize work including:

1. ‘Next Actions’

2. ‘Projects’

3. ‘Waiting for’

4. ‘Talk to’

5. ‘Future’

6. ‘Someday/maybe’

7. ‘Location’

Practically you could create separate folders for the above categories and file info accordingly.

Thomas goes on to say that…

“Your handheld device (smartphone) is not really intended to be your primary data entry tool.”

Great an all but now what?!

We gotta figure out and reflect on where and when and with what we are most effective and efficient.

Here’s where the ‘TESST’ method for sorting out information that comes in….

The ‘TESST’ method…

Imagine info in the form of goals, messages, emails, requests, tasks, new project possibilities, ideas, project steps etc comes in. Using the TESST method your immediate next quick step would be to place each one into into one of 5 categories.

1. ‘Take immediate action’ = if less than 2 minutes tackle the task now.

2. ‘Empower yourself and others’ = give the task to someone else.

3. ‘Suspend’ = if you need more info, hold on any action until you get more info.

4. ‘Store’ = might not need to act on the info now but wanna keep it.

5. ‘Trash’ = you don’t need the info so bin it.

If your cuppa tea, ‘TESST’ it out.



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