The road ahead

At the time of writing this, our daughter has just wrapped up the last day of school. She’s spent a good 4 years there now. As we drove there on the final morning we came to affirmation road – the place where she rocks a variety of different affirmations to positively prime her before going into school.

“Wanna do this one more time here?” I said.

Affirmations began!

And then, when she finished she said...

“We’ll need to find a new road to do this on close to the new school”.

“Good idea” I said…smiling because the desire to cultivate mental toughness remained in this six year old.

Check this out…

“Toughness is not a destination; it’s a journey without end.” ~ Jim Loehr

Whatever road or practice you may be currently embarking on consider this… A time may come to rock it in another place and a ‘new road’ towards a new challenge or bigger environment.



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