The right kind of practice

I can recall training really hard in martial arts and hitting a plateau.

Plateaus, part of the deal as we grow.

Despite practicing daily for hours and pushing it, the next level was just not forthcoming.

I took a time out to reflect and asked myself…what kind of practice do I need to add to my training now?

The answer?

Increased stretching.

As soon as I got that insight I started to apply that every day. 30 minutes of added leg strengthening and stretching every single morning.

Plateau eradicated.

Check this.

“The right sort of practice carried out over a sufficient period of time leads to improvement. Nothing else.” (Ericsson).

Question for ya?

What’s the right sort of practice for you?

With Arete


Ps who could you chat to about this that could offer some wisdom? Eg it might be a teacher in your field of interest.

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