The reserve clause

Over the years I’ve collaborated with wonderful minds to review higher education constitutions in different living and learning settings.

As revisions and refinements are made a key part of that process is the inclusion and updating of ‘clauses’.

One of the descriptive words for a clause?

‘A proviso.'

Proviso = ‘a condition or qualification attached to an agreement or statement’.

When we set goals or blue print intentions we often state and make agreements with ourselves and others.

But what happens when it does not work out according to a set plan?

Robertson offers a very nice clause to bring in – ‘The Reserve Clause.”

“Seneca defines the reserve clause by the following formula, ‘I want to do such and such, as long as nothing happens which may present an obstacle to my decision.”

A great way then to ‘map’ is as Robertson says:

“Hold…two complementary propositions in mind simultaneously, viz.,

1. I will do my very best to succeed ...

2. while simultaneously accepting that the ultimate outcome is beyond my direct control.”

In other words….

Rock your effort as best as you possibly can…

…then see what happens…and then repeat.



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