The power of ‘yet’

What’s one word you could regularly throw into the mix to keep you in check when bumping up against an obstacle or drawback?



Check this out.

“Dweck has gone one step further in her research and discovered that the use of a simple word ‘yet’ can create greater persistence when facing challenges. If you tell a child that they ‘didn’t answer the math questions correctly *yet*,’ that one word opens their minds to the idea that they can eventually solve the problems. She found that not only did the children become grittier, they also became more zestful, creative and hopeful when ‘yet’ opened up their eyes to the possibility of a different, limitless future. If ‘yet’ can change mind-set, imagine how many other words and phrases can unlock resilience and stick- to-itiveness!”

~ Caroline Adams Miller

When’s the next time you could say ‘yet’?

Fill in the blank…

I’ve not completed or realized….yet.

To be continued.



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