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The permission to ignore

As you continue on your path of potential many times will come where your own internal motivations will need to become stronger than external factors.

Sure, accountability, responsibility, rocking it to those around you is nb, especially if you are working for a company or organization, yet…

“You need to free yourself of the need to feel like you have to be everything to everyone. You have to let go of the absurd idea that you owe everyone an explanation.

You have to rewrite the story that you have to take on everything that comes your way. You have to learn to just flat out Ignore certain things.

Delete it. Eliminate it. Eradicate it. Get rid of it.

If the only reason you’re doing something is because you feel guilty about not doing it—then don’t do it.

If the only reason you are doing something is because you have a fear of what you might miss out on—don’t do it.

If the only reason you are doing something is because you feel obligated just because someone asked you to do it—don’t do it.

To be a Multiplier, you have to constantly be asking yourself, ‘Is this task something I can live without? Does it multiply my time? Does what I’m doing right now create more time tomorrow or less?

The permission to Ignore is the first of the five permissions in the Focus Funnel.” (Vaden)



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