The 'Peas' Trap

Sometimes Plan B can be particular important to create and draw upon especially if we’re beating ourselves up internally. What if I said ‘Peas’ can do that to us?!

In the book entitled Option B, Sandberg and Grant touch on Seligman’s outline of ‘three P’s’ that can have us fall into this trap especially when we are faced with adversity. The three types of 'P's we want to be aware of are:

1. Personalization

2. Pervasiveness

3. Permanence


Seligman says that (regardless of size, shape or significance of an adversity) when we personalize an adversity we internalize it as all our fault.


Pervasiveness of the challenge has us believng this will negatively impact every area of our life.


Permanence has us believe that life will never get better.

Seligman has referred to this in another term - ‘Learned Helplessness’ – the belief that failure is inevitable.

We can all be predisposed to these thinking traps to a greater or less extent and sometimes and in an ongoing way it is so vital to draw upon the assistance, support, care, love and expertise and wisdom of someone close or a professional.

The courage to lean on another and ask for help or support is itself a strength (not a sign of weakness) and something to be celebrated.

There is absolutely no need to suffer in silence.

In the past, present and future there have been, are, and will be others that turn to you for guidance and support.

Seek that support too!

The support, care and understanding from others is an ongoing and important part of your journey of Potential.

'Flourishing can only exist with the presence of both positivity and negativity' (Seligman).



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