The next step for you...

How good is your game plan?

That is your ability to keep focused on the next small steps towards the bigger picture?

“The greatest truths are the simplest, and so are the greatest athletes. Not simple-minded, but simple in their approach. They think small; they are focused on task. They do not allow extraneous issues and circumstances to take them out of their game plan—which is simply to attack and execute.

All big thoughts are unmanageable, out of a performer’s control. Carpe momentum. The moment, the now must be seized.

Living in and for the moment makes it easier for the athlete to adapt to situations as they change. His focus is narrow; the requirements are limited to that time and space. All attention is concentrated on executing the next task: a shot, a block, a stroke. He can understand that; he can control that. It is small and elemental. That task at hand is his exclusive concern, and always should be.” (Dorfman)

Whether an athlete or not, all you gotta do is take the next focused step.

What’s yours?

With Arete,


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