Testing your own strategies

There is alot of wisdom to be gained from reflecting on what we learn, especially when directly linked to our own experience.

If you link those insights to your enhanced journey as a student of potential you start to create something new, something different, something better.

Take this line for example from Janus's book 'Social Startup Success':

"Keep the focus squarely on solving the problem, as opposed to falling in love with a particular solution."

In a learning context you may have (as an example) fallen into the trap of creating the most beautiful of timetables right?! (or any other gorgeous solutions!)

Yet they remain untested.

Keeping with the timetable example you rave to all your mates about how fired up you are and how you are going to rock this timetable and then...

Day one comment!

Day two...lets not go there!

Day three...what timetable?!

You are not the only one nor the first!

The point here is we all can be most excellent at coming up with 'solutions' to enhance or studies.

Yet taking the time to test our solutions is equally important. Do they actually work?

So what if your timetable did not work first time around. Maybe that was not the solution (in its current form). It might mean a tweak and test again or an altogether revamp (new strategy to test).

Focus squarely on solving the testing and retesting different strategies and taking note of what works for you.

Dont be afraid to keep trying and testing different solutions and (Sherlock Holmnes style) look for clues into what works and what doesnt - specifically for you.

There is absolutely no need to copy and paste...

Yet every need to define, discover and develop your own strategies of learning potential.

With Arete,


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