Test your Thinking

In the mood to do a self - test?

Try testing your thinking against the critical thinking 'standards' developed by Paul and Elder.

1. Clarity - Your thoughts are clear. If not, you run the risk of dodgy conclusions and rubbish decisions.

2. Accuracy - based on the facts. If not, you run the risk of being taken in by uncritical thinkers.

3. Precision - Just the right amount of detail. You need those specifics for increased clarity.

4. Relevance - thinking aligned to the purpose at hand.

5. Depth - going deeper than the surface to grapple with the complex behind the thought.

6. Breadth - take on perspectives and viewpoints and arguments and then assess.

7. Logical order - systematic and connected in an approach to thinking.

8. Significant - focus on the 'heart' of a matter and not the trivial that may surround it

9. Fairness - pay respect to viewpoints and opinions + be mindful of prejudice and stereotypes.

How did you do?

Which one needs work?

with ARETE,


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