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Test your 'Mastery'

Sometimes stumbling can be an awesome. For e.g. one Monday morning I was looking for some added perspectives on ‘Mastery’ and stumbled across this beautiful line …

“Mastery is a product of continually going beyond our limits” (Stewart Emery).

Cashman in his book ‘Leadership from the inside out’ has written about 7 different approaches to mastery which he views as fundamental to leadership.

Irrespective of your current leadership ‘role’, have a gander at these...

1. “Personal Mastery: Leading with Awareness and Authenticity”

= knowing, mapping + learning what you want to become.

2. “Purpose Mastery: Leading on Purpose”

= identifying your ‘signature’ strengths + expressing them in fulfilling purposeful ways.

3. “Interpersonal Mastery: Leading Through Synergy and Service”

= Listening (less talk, more listen) + straight talk + appreciation.

4. “Change Mastery: Leading with Agility”

= Adapt + be flexible + responsive (not reactive).

5. “Resilience Mastery: Leading with Energy”

= Managing your energy.

6. “Being Mastery: Leading with Presence”

= expressing ‘you’ + being present.

7. “Action Mastery: Leading Through Coaching”

= Coaching ‘you’ + ‘others’ to next levels of possibility.

Take a moment to consider reflecting on these quick questions…

· Which one is your favourite form of mastery?

· Why?

· Where are there opportunities to introduce more mastery?

Pick one, then go test it.



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