Test the Solutions

If your looking for a singular answer to rock it in your Potential you won't necessarily find it. You may find some stand out views that appeal to you but not necessarily a one size fits all.

Your potential, possibilities, goals n contexts are unique and changing. Hence one tool to apply to all contexts just ain't gonna cut it.

Think of a need you have right now and think of the outcome you are seekimg.

Let's apply Woop first from Oettingen.

Wish = ?

Outcome = ?

Obstacle = ?

Plan to overcome obstacle = ? 

Let's give an example.

Wish =  to submit a final project 

Outcome = completed a big milestone that takes it to next levels in my goals 

Obstacle - procrastinating on final edits so as to submit

Plan - if I experience procrastination I'll identify one small 5 minute step or less I can do today.

Now imagine you've got a project coming up. It's quite possible that your wish, outcome, obstacle and plan is going to look different.

Good stuff.

Apply a self identified tool that you can apply to your own potential at hand.

The strategy next time might be different.

What's important is what strategy do you need to wield right now?

Not sure? That's okay. Ask + discover n test for yourself + reflect.

If it works bank it for next time for further testing and application. If it does not then you know to look for more strategies that land for you.

The more strategies you discover and test the more experiences in problem solving you're gonna have at hand to recall n try n test.

Regardless of the number of 'solutions' you've discovered, there is always room to grow and discover more.

With Arete,


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