Techniques to Move

“Execution separates the dreamers from the doers: It is the ability to do and get results.” (Perrell)

Nice that and yet easier said then done, especially when we got realities, emotions, perceived and actual obstacles seemingly running the show at times.

Perrell, author of the ‘Execution factor’ walks us through some techniques we can use to move.

Check these out…

“Follow the 40-70 rule” = collect 40 – 70% of the info to move on a project and then move. No need for 100%.

“Consider the worst-case scenario” = Plan for the worst case scenario. ‘If this happens then I will do that’ (Oettingen ‘Woop’ style).

“Find out what is missing” = look for gaps in your tactics, blue prints, goals and plans. Then…fill in the blanks.

“Assess the risk of inaction” = Consider the risk involved in not acting, even if you don’t have it all figured out.

“Avoid the ‘when…then’ trap” = don’t wait for the perfect conditions before moving.

“Identify the best thing that could happen” = take time to reflect on the best case scenario.

Some nice take-aways here.

Which one would you like to practice next?



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