Tech vs. Engagement

What's your view on phones and concentration?

Check this out...

“Phones are disruptive by their mere existence, even when they aren’t in active use.

They’re distracting because they remind us of the world beyond the immediate

conversation, and the only solution, the researchers wrote, is to remove them

completely.” ~ Adam Alter

Ever since I came across this line of research I've become increasingly more mindful of the distractive nature of a phone.

What do I often do with a phone in social settings?

In the pocket.

Whenever I’m out connecting with family, close friends or in a conversation, unless it’s critical, the phone is in my pocket or in a bag.


I want to be fully present and engaged with the person(s) in front of me and not elsewhere.

Those micro moments ain’t gonna hang around while I’m checking something random.

Don’t get me wrong.

Great value and power in tech and I’m a fan as much as the next person.

Just on the flip side, they can be equally distractive.

Here’s a challenge for you.

Next time you are with a family member or friend, see if you can hang out, even if just for 10-15 minutes without your phone in sight.

Can you do it?

Do ya need it?



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