Target practice

Over the last few days I’ve rocked it in the gym + on the deep work front at a deliberately ‘stretched’ level. Naturally the body is needing a bit of time to recuperate + the mind too.

Yet that does not mean languishing or just plopping down in front of the tv and zoning out.

Just means a ton of alternatives for restoring.

Whether it be on a physical front or mental front it’s natural to feel a bit tender, sore or tired when you’ve been putting the work in.

Those feelings can be part indicators that you been doing your thing.

As you continue to do that in your own deliberate ways, consider this…

“Deep practice is built on a paradox: struggling in certain targeted ways—operating at the edges of your ability, where you make mistakes—makes you smarter. Or to put it a slightly different way, experiences where you’re forced to slow down, make errors, and correct them—as you would if you were walking up an ice-covered hill, slipping and stumbling as you go—end up making you swift and graceful without you realizing it.” Coyle

Q. Where can you choose to struggle in targeted ways? What’s the target?

Q. How can you operate at the edge of your ability? What skills would you need to use?

Q. What’s a current possibility for you to lean into that will test your skills + require you to slow down, make errors and correct?

With Arete,


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