Talk or Application

Here’s a quick two part question for you.

Are you a ‘librarian of the mind’ or a ‘warrior of the mind’?

That two parter I heard shared by Brian Johnson.

The point he was making runs similar to a point by Herrera who said:

“Until you apply what you have learned, you haven’t started the journey toward improvement.”

We can all puff out and talk a good talk but when it comes to the crunch can you walk it?

A book, lesson plan, diary entry or best intention alone just ain’t gonna cut it.

When the bell goes you ready to stand up and take on the next round?

You willing to do that or retreat at the soonest sign of challenge or the appeal of comfort?

As I write this, I’m looking out of a conference window. It’s early morning, it’s still dark, it’s raining and there is absolutely no one in sight…

And I love it!

You know why?

Cos it means I’ve ‘overcome’ the inertia and internal and distractions to be here on the ‘extra mile’.

The internal resistance we feel e.g. ‘just oversleep’ or ‘just five more minutes’ will always show up in some form…

Yet that voice that also says ‘you’ve got this, you can do this’…That voice will always show up to.

It’s up to us though to show up not in talk but in ‘application’.

You wanna do great things and have reach and impact?

You can, through application.

What would that look like for just one hour today?

Decide, schedule it in, chunk it down and sequence it if that will work.

Then apply yourself.

It’s only 60 minutes worth of ‘extra mile’.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do.



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