Talk about the good ‘shots’

“Focus on what you want to see happen, not on what is stressing you.”

That line comes from Lanny Bassham, Olympic gold medallist known for his incredibly precise Olympic shooting records.

Check this…

“In presenting a seminar to Olympic shooters, I was asked, “Mr. Bassham, in the 1978 World Championships, you shot 598/600 to win a medal. What happened on those two nines?”

I answered, “Do you really want to know? Do you want to know how I got nines? That will not help you. You don’t want to know how I got two nines. What you should be asking is how I got fifty-eight tens. Besides, I can’t remember how I got the nines. I do not reinforce bad shots by remembering them.”

The point he was making was this…

“You should talk about your good shots. By doing that you improve the probability that you will have more good shots in the future.”

At the end of your day, reflect on all the ‘wins’ you’ve had no matter how small.

They are worth remembering.



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