'Take your Time'

Here is part three of a message from author and entreprenuer-investor, Richard Koch on developing your potential and possibilities...

“If you’re under thirty, this may seem strange or unwelcome advice.

That’s why it’s useful.

Life is not a sprint.

It’s a marathon.

Abraham Lincoln, who liked cutting down trees, used to say something like this: If I must chop down a tree in four hours, I’ll spend the first three hours sharpening the axe.

You are the axe.

Time spent honing your philosophy and way of delivering terrific results is not time wasted. It’s vital time.

Time is not in short supply. Good use of it may be, but the best use of time is finding yourself. The way to find yourself is to enjoy yourself, in many different arenas, with different people, and different guidelines. Experiment long and hard, before you specialize.”

Sean Abrahams is the founder of and author of the Student Potential Series.

Richard Koch is an author and entrepreneur-investor who has a home in Cape Town and visits every year for 2-3 months. If you like this blog post, please follow Richard on Twitter - @RichardKoch8020

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