Take your pick

It’s most likely that you’ve got a lot of great and busy possibilities in your life.

Projects, possibilities, options + open and closed loops.

Maybe that’s okay and maybe, just maybe the shift from being ‘busy’ to being ‘productive’ implies that some of the loops are gonna remain open while you keep focused on a few key things that enable you to be productive and efficient.

Check this out…

“‘Busy’ isn’t what gets rewarded long-term in the marketplace. ‘Productive’ is. ... The most successful people don’t get everything done. They get the most important things done.”

~ Jason Selk and Tom Bartow

You trying to get everything done?

Perhaps you not doing nothing?!

What’s the most important things (for you) to get done today?

What’s number one?



P.s if you feel overwhelm, try chunking it down into smaller pieces and take on just one prioritized piece. That should do the trick in getting started.

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