Systematizing your potential

I’m smiling a lot as I think of the next 300 + days ahead that make up the ‘work weeks’ in the new year.

I’m smiling cos I’m thinking of the potential positive ramifications of choosing one ting and notching up it’s improvement ever so incrementally each day or so consistently over 300 + days.

Check this out from Afremow…

“Excellence is not random. It is also more than a short-term ambition, accident, or accomplishment. It is developed by design and achieved by setting and tenaciously pursuing high, competitive goals. The greatest champions in history have all had a long-range vision and plan of what they wanted to accomplish in tandem with a complete daily devotion to their specialization. Having daily or weekly improvement goals to meet will help ensure that you are always working right.”

“Excellence is not random”

You treating your potential as random or being systematic?

What does a systematic approach to your potential look like to you?



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