Suggestions that move you

How much time do you take every day to give yourself ‘good’ suggestions?

Check out Stone’s take on the difference between ‘suggestion, self - suggestion and auto – suggestion.’

“Each time I say to you, ‘Try to do the right thing because it is right,’ that’s a suggestion from me to you. Each time you think or say to yourself Try to do the right thing because it is right, that’s self-suggestion. Each time your subconscious mind flashes to your conscious mind, Try to do the right thing because it is right, that’s autosuggestion.

It is important to know:

1. Suggestion comes from the outside (your environment).

2. Self-suggestion is automatic or purposefully controlled from within.

3. Autosuggestion acts by itself, unconsciously, like a machine that reacts in the same way from the same stimulus. …”

If we take the premise for a moment that each form of suggestion can have an impact on your potential what would you need to tweak (improve) in each area?

1. What’s an added beneficial suggestion you could add (from the outside)?

2. What’s an added self – suggestion you say to yourself deliberately in a particular scenario?

3. What’s an added auto – suggestion you could say to yourself repeatedly?

Over to you…



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