Ever seen extreme sports or stunts?

Some pretty impressive stuff right there.

Check this out from Dan Millman…

“Dar Robinson, one of the greatest modern-day daredevils, was terrified—practically scared to death—with each and every stunt. His heart leaped from his chest; he had to consciously control his rapid breathing; he sweated, he trembled, just like the rest of us—then he did what he had set out to do. This is what you and I can do in everyday life.”

You could liken the expression of your potential at times to daring stunts that get your heart going.

And in true stunt mode you go for it.

What’s a ‘stunt’ today that’s got you ‘moonwalking’ (all trembly or out of your confort zone) when you just think about it?

That’s alright.

You’ve had those feelings before and it still came right.

It’ll come right again


You ain’t actually doing stunts….

You just expressing a stretched version of you that’s got you beyond your current frontier of possibilities.

Of course that’s gonna get you feeling a bit uneasy.


Do it anyway.



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