Study a Subject...'deliberately'

There are simply some subjects that you must ‘define, discover and develop for yourself’.

One of those key subjects? Your potential.

That is a foundational premise of this site and work books.

Here is a parallel take from Professor Ericcson…

“The more you study a subject, the more detailed your mental representations of it become, and the better you get at assimilating new information.”

There are tremendous benefits to ‘studying’ far wider and deeper than a prescribed curriculum.

Here is Prof Ericsson’s take on that…

“This is the basic blueprint for getting better in any pursuit: get as close to deliberate practice as you can. If you’re in a field where deliberate practice is an option, you should take that option. If not, apply the principles of deliberate practice as much as possible. In practice this often boils down to purposeful practice with a few extra steps: first, identify the expert performers, then figure out what makes them so good, then come up with training techniques that allow you to do it, too.”

Got a field or subject in or out of the classroom or work environment you absolutely love, would love to develop, add value to and express in your own unique way?

What subject of your potential would you like to study more?

Blueprint for getting better at any pursuit = purposeful practice + few extra steps + identify the expert performers + deconstruct their excellence + devise your own training techniques + reflect + revise + repeat.



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