Student versus Student of Potential

"Being a human being....must be defined in terms of becoming a human being."

Abraham Maslow, creator of the'Hierarchy of Needs' model said that.

Let's apply that.

Being a student and becoming a student are two different things.

One follows. The other also leads (their learning process).

To 'study' does not necessarily mean you are rocking your potential.

Until such time that you actively seek out ways to define + discover + develop your own possibilities in tandem with your learning...your becoming remains untapped.

So how do we 'tap' it?

Maslow said operate towards your Potential.

Don't be afraid to grow into your Potential.

If you are afraid (that is totally alright)...lean in anyway - with support from others.

Who can you chat to about your potential?

What could you test and explore today?

with ARETE,


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