Structure your sleep

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

How much do you value sleep?

No really?

Really value sleep.

We have our kids like clock work on a time for bed.

They sometimes whine and protest and want to be awake for longer to play and have fun.

Totally get that…

But also totally know that if they ain’t well rested then it’s gremlin time the next day.

Same goes for us too.

Always remember the value of your sleep. You will perform better, make better decisions, and have a better body when you get the sleep you require. Sleep is not an obstacle we need to go around, it’s a natural state your body requires to boost your hormone function, heal your muscles, tissues and organs, and make your mind work at its optimal level. The shortcut to success is not made by bypassing dreamland. You will factually work better, be more efficient, and get more stuff done when you’re properly rested. (Shawn Stevenson).

It might require some reflection and adjustments but check this out…

“Structure your time to get more sleep first and you’ll be able to get your work done faster and more effectively than if you zombie walked your way through it.”

So then.

You going zombie on your potential or properly rested?



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