Stretching to next levels

I can recall before heading out to South America to train martial arts with some of the greats and founders of schools, speaking with whom at the time was one of the best teachers in South Africa. He said “I want to pass all of their tests, go through all of their challenges”

It was an inspiring mindset to hear.

So I went out and immediately it was obvious that every single training was going to be a test.

The level was above anything I had ever encountered before. 4 hours of training. I went for it, and applied myself.

When I returned something interesting had happened.

Because of the new level I was exposed to I grew.

The difficulties, challenges and stick - ability to the training meant that upon returning the previous level I was at was no longer difficult.

You see that?

Train outside of your comfort zone at a new level and when you return to a baseline level it will be easier.

Perhaps then challenges and difficulties can after all make you better at whatever you are seeking to define, discover and develop.



p.s you don’t need to fly half way around the world to grow

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