Strength for decades

What does the word hero mean to you?

I've always loved the concept behind hero stories...

Not for the special effects...

Or the fantastical powers...


Quite simply because of an interpretation that discipline is required to take it to new levels.

And yet you need not be a cape crusader to be a hero.

The best take on a hero I've come across is Brian Johnson, founder of

Brian brings the word ‘hero’ back to the Latin root.


Hero = strength for 'two.'

To have strength for two requires you to develop your capacity such that your 'disciplines' and character extend beyond your own continuous mastery to positively impact, love, care and support others...immensely.

Case in point...

My Father....

Without a shadow of a doubt my Father is a hero.

He does not wear a cape or fight fires.

He simply owned and all out committed to the role of being a Father (for decades).

As Denis Waitley said...

“It's not what you leave for your children, it's what you leave within them.”

As I've become a Father of three my go to 'hero' for becoming a Father has been my own Father.

I strive to have the same level of commitment, love, strength, firmness and care that he displayed.


Because any role where you are seeking to have a positive impact requires you to be a hero.

It's not simply a calling.

It's a requirement.

Hero = strength for two.

Whose your hero?

What role do you seek to become a hero in?

You've got strength for one (you).

Time for strength for two (beyond you).

With Arete


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