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Strategic Thinking

"All thinking pursues a purpose." (Paul and Elder).

Check these 11 keys to strategic thinking and the way we think put forward by Paul and Elder...

1. Interdependence - identify links and patterns between feelings, motives and thinking.

2. Logic - we place meaning on our world through thinking. Reflect on goals, questions, info, assumptions, concepts n conclusions currently held.

3. Assessment - engage in frequent reflection to get a temperature on our typoe of thinking so as to nudge towards thinking skills that promote greater effectiveness.

4. Egocentricity - Be mindful of the limitations of self centred thought alone.

5. Egocentricity - be mindful of other's irrationality yet be fair and rigourous in analysis before offering an input to those perceived to be irrational.

6. Generalization - avoid making generalizations based on limited data. Put data and experience into context.

7. Distrust appearances - go beyond the surface appearance of things.

8. Deliberation - irrational approaches can be more likely when a lack of planning is involved

9. Dominance and submission - self reflect to determine when you may be doing either of these.

10. Sociocentricity - question the thinking and decisions that are based upon social identity expressions alone.

11. Work - recognize that strategic thinking requires immense focus and work to develop over the long haul.

What's your favourite key?

What's your strong key?

What's a key that needs most work?

Which key do you want to use next?

Towards which situation would you apply it?

with ARETE,


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