Creating a story about our potential takes certain ingredients and we've all got a story of potential to tell.

Others can narrate it but ultimately we get to tell that story.

"Stories are fundamental to how we think, learn and make sense of the world...Storytelling has been present in every age of human history and in every civilization and culture." (Nuriddin, author of StoryTraining)

As silly as it sounds you could actually make a new story based on facts of your own potential.


Because how you describe yourself and narrate who you are is really important.

However mundane, there are elements to your potential seeping into your life at all points. The cool thing is it's unconditional and showing up even in the ordinary.

To see your potential and rewrite it out of the ordinary takes work...

"It will clearly take more effort, talent and imagination to make a trip to the grocery store as compelling as a story about ascending Mount Everest." (Nuriddin, author of StoryTraining)

Think of a past experience and how you think about it.

Try re-writing a line about it and reintepret it as a hero story in which your potential was actually being expressed.

e.g. I could say I woke up blurry eyed this morning which is part true and I can also say...

"I had the courage, fortitude, health and discipline to walk my own path and today that started by putting two feet on the ground and rising to meet the day."

See the difference?

What story are you going to describe today?

with ARETE,


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