Stick - ability

How sticky are you?

I ain’t talking literally here, as in when it gets hot you get sticky or when you eat an ice cream your hands get sticky.

I’m talking about you ability to stick to something.

Committing to a goal of yours is kinda like committing to your own program of potential.

Check this out…

“In every fitness program, of course, it is stick-to-itiveness that counts. You get nowhere if you exercise by fits and starts. Don’t go out one day and do a lot of exercises, then get depressed the next day, go to bed, and skip the program completely. Keep on exercising, whether it feels good or not. That is how you develop a fit will and a svelte, attractive personality.” Easwaran

We can use ‘exercise ‘ here as a general word for actions that keep you sticky towards your goals.

What could you do to become more sticky?

What metric would you use to know each day you’ve been sticky?

With Arete


Ps every small step and committed action counts as stickiness

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