Steps of goal setting

Let’s take a quick squizz at Tracy’s key steps on goal setting.


Here we go…

1. “Unlock Your Potential.

2. Take Charge of Your Life.

3. Create Your Own Future.

4. Clarify Your Values.

5. Determine Your True Goals.

6. Decide Upon Your Major Definite Purpose.

7. Analyze Your Beliefs.

8. Start at the Beginning.

9. Measure Your Progress.

10. Remove the Roadblocks.

11. Become an Expert in Your Field.

12. Associate with the Right People.

13. Make a Plan of Action.

14. Manage Your Time Well.

15. Review Your Goals Daily.

16. Visualize Your Goals Continually.

17. Activate Your Superconscious Mind.

18. Remain Flexible at All Times.

19. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity.

20. Do Something Every Day.

21. Persist Until You Succeed.”



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